My name is Katerina Husar Lazarova.

My name is Katerina Husar Lazarova.

I was born in Brno which is a beautiful medium-size city in the Czech Republic. First, I studied graphics there and then I worked in a graphic studio for several years.

I’ve loved colored pencils since I was a little girl. For me, it was always a nice mean to express myself. But at school, I was captivated by computer graphics and I’ve put aside painting for a long time. Little later, I found out that fine art and computer graphics can work perfectly together. Partly because of that, I joined the evening school of art led by Mr. Fridrich. Among other skills, I learned basics of figural drawing there. I also attended private lessons of oil painting and other courses. Somewhere at that time, I discovered other media and I began experimenting with them. I started combining diverse media and experimenting with nontraditional materials and this is something that became my passion.

As I was becoming familiar with more and more fine art and creative techniques, a desire grew in me to pass this knowledge further. So, for about half of a year, l led creative courses for children from a shelter. After that, I taught courses for mother with children in a Silesian Center. What followed was that I opened my own art studio called Malujeme Spolu (which can be translated as Let’s Paint Together). There I taught painting and drawing mostly to adults for whole 3 years and I hope that my students enjoyed it as much as I did.

While teaching and otherwise taking care of the art studio, I was of course also busy with my own fine art. So that the art does not stay just in drawers, I organized several successful exhibitions both of my own art and artworks of my students.

Recently, my life went through a big change and I started a new life in San Diego, California. While studying English, I am also emerged into my new creations and you are most welcome to check them out at them at these web pages.


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